Nail Spa Price List


  • nailspa signature manicure:£18.00 Nail shape, cuticle care, a moisturizing hand massage and polish of your choice.
  • nailspa paraffin luxe manicure:£27.00 Our signature manicure plus a 10 minute Hot Paraffin wax wrap to contition dry hands and cuticles.
  • mens manicure£15.00
  • additional french polish£3.00
  • file and varnish:£10.00
  • french file and varnish:£13.00
  • manicures (for little ones)£5.00 10 years and under. Just like mum's file and polish, but smaller


  • nailspa signature pedicure:£30.00 Warm foot bath soak, nail shape and cuticle care. Removal of hard and dead skin followed by moisturing mini foot massage & polish of your choice.
  • nailspa paraffin pedicure:£37.00 Our Siganture Pedicure as above plus Hot Praffin wax wrap. A conditioning teat of extra dry skin.
  • nailspa luxe pedicure:£45.00 Full Works:Our signature Pedicure as above followed by gently exfoliating ESSIE foot scrub and Luxuriously moisturising ESSIE foot mask, extra massage & polish of your choice.
  • file and re-polish feet£15.00
  • french re-polish feet£17.00
  • file and varnish feet:£15.00
  • french file and varnish feet:£18.00
  • nailspa mani-padi package:£40.00 Our Signature Manicure and Pedicure done together for added convenince and saving of £8!

Shellac - 14 day polish

Gel colour applied just like a polish and cured under a UV lamp for chip resistant, high gloss polish everyday.

  • shellac manicure£35.00 / french £40.00 Nail shape, cuticle push back and choice of gel colour.
  • soak off£10.00
  • soak off and reapplication£40.00
  • shellac pedicure£45 Nail shape, cuticle push back and choice of gel colour.
  • full pedicure and shellac£65 including footbath and skin removal.

nail enhancements

Acrylic or hard gel used to reinforce or add to nail.

  • full set clear£45.00
  • permanent white tip£50.00
  • sculptured£65.00
  • infill£30.00
  • bio sculpture gel
  • full set overlay£55.00
  • sculptured£65.00
  • infills£40.00 Recommended every 2-3 weeks for filling in the gaps where regrowth occurs
  • take off£20.00
  • take off + manicure£30.00
  • take off + full set acrylic£55.00
  • take off + full set bio-sculpture£65.00
  • acrylic tip£5.00
  • bio-sculptured tip£8.00
  • permanent french tip£8.00
  • cut down + re-polish£10.00
  • full set toesfrom £60.00
  • single tip toes£8.00
  • take off gel£25.00
  • full set toenail enhancementfrom £60.00
  • single acrylic tip – fingernail£5.00
  • single acrylic tip – toenail£8.00
  • designer nail artprice on application